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Deer Bones

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We went up to my grandparents place this weekend. The lake was frozen so sometimes when cyoetes kill an animal they drag it out onto the lake to eat it so they can see all around them. Well they happened to do this and a bald eagle found it and was circling around. So in order to make the bald eagle come back and so that we could see it, my grandpa dragged the carcus down in front of our cabin. By the morning the carcus was back down on the other side of the lake (a friend thought we didn't know about it and thought he was doing us a favor by dragging it away).
But to make a long story short!!!

Kate ended up eating some of the leftover (bones im assuming) that was in front of our cabin. I guess this question is for people who feed raw diets.... is she going to be okay eating what she ate? I guess I'm mostly scared for the bones she ate but if I remmeber correctly the only bones that can hurt dogs are cooked ones??
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Heidi got a hold of a dead racoon when she was younger and ate part of the leg before I could get it away from her. She didn't get the bones, mostly just fur and skin. It must have been dead for a while because it gave her a really nasty stomach infection. She had to take antibiotics. I'm not really sure about deer bones though. Poor Kate, she's always swallowing stuff! These girls are trouble I tell ya!
She should be perfectly fine. It's amazing what dogs will and do eat that you may never even know about. :-s We had to evacuate a few months ago due to the hurricane and winded up on a ranch that's main purpose is for hog hunting. Those dang dogs of mine were constantly eating and finding new bones, (which were EVERYWHERE) one of them even drug up an armadillo carcus. :shock: Gross, yes lol, however they were both just as fine as could be. Never once did I have any issues other than the stinky breath, and the bathing from the dorks rolling in everything they could find.
I've fed deer as part of a raw diet, but I always froze it for 30 days first, just incase. She should be okay though, just keep an eye on her.

She definately likes to get her self into stuff :lol:
Hey thanx for the info guys!!! So far so good over here.

Kate's new thinking process
Question 1:"Will mom approve of me eating this?"
Answer 1:"Probably not"
Solution: "Eat it anyways"

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