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Deuce Graduation cap pics. (Heavy pic)

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Sorry, they aren't very good, it was a throw away camera and the pics weren't taken very close up, but here they are. I am such a proud momma, but Deuce is never in a happy mood with his gentle leader on. I forgot to take it off for the pics.

He also really enjoyed his treats from the trainer for being so good.

Sharing his treat with Squeeker.

Hiding his leftovers.

He said he wanted to say hi to everyone too.

What a little goober. Sorry for the size.
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Well done to you both! I can't believe how big he is now :shock:
Hooray for Deuce!! He looks so handsome in his cap. :)
Awww...always the handsomest!! (is that a real word?? Oh well) Great pics! :D
Good Boy, Duece. Congratulations. :D
He's such a cutie! I LOVE that last pic.

Teehee - Kasco, it's not - but who cares? We get the message. :wink: :D
I love Deuce pictures.He is so handsome. Congrats!!!!
Hey my twins each had that same stuff the dog the green one till they grew up and ate it LOL.
Congrats Duece
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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