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Deuce surgery update pics

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Ok, I finally got some before and after pics, and the internet. So here goes.

These are before pics, it got really bad.

This is recovery stage.

And this is all better happy boy.

His first walk after recovery.

And this is the little monster with daddy.

Sorry so many pics. I had to make up for lost time.
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Wow! I didn't realize how bad his foot got. It was almost backward! He looks good now though. Recovering well it seems. Does your vet expect him to have any limitations as far as physical exercise? Happy to see him up and around so well now. Give that boy a big ol' hug from me!! :D
Ouch that looked like it was painful
May i ask how did it get that way
The vets best guess was that the growth plate in one of the bones in his leg got injured and stopped working. This caused one bone to stop growing and the other one didn't, so they twisted and arched. The vet said within a few weeks he should be able to walk 3 miles and he didn't give us any limitations so I guess he is free to be a bully.
Im glad your dog is doing better it looked very very very painful best of luck in the future :D

Deuce looks like a cool dude. Best of luck getin' him healed up
Poor Deuce having to go through surgery. I hope he has a lifetime free of pain now! :)
I didn't realize it was that bad either! He looks great now! I bet Deuce is happy to be up and moving now.
:shock: OMG...your descriptions of his foot were nothing like
seeing these pics. Alot worse than i imagined.
I am SOOOO HAPPY that he will be a normal dog now!
What doctors can do now is amazing!!!
I'm so glad Deuce is doing well...and I'm just as happy that you posted pics of that handsome boy! Tell Deuce we've missed him and we're glad he's up and around and lookin' good!
Thanks guys. I am just glad we were able to find the money to get him better. He is so much better. Getting better every day.
Awwww...I didnt even know a dogs wrist could twist like that. I know some dogs have bowed legs and such but never thought that..... Well I'm so glad he's better! Give him some bully hugs from me and Legend!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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