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Deuce update. What a trooper

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Well, Deuce is doing good. Thursday will be two weeks since his surgery, and he will get his stitches out. He still has to wear a splint for a few more weeks though. He is going crazy locked up in his crate all the time. I feel so bad keeping him in there all the time. Oh well, its for the best. He only had one mishap so far. He got his ecollar off and destroyed it (it costs $18) and chewed open his bandage. We had to take him in and they let the scratches dry up then rebandaged it. He has a splint and then a bandage on top. We have to change it every 3 days at the vet. Last time they gave him a heart on it. It was so cute. Well here are the pics from my phone. I haven't gotten the rest developed yet.
The weekend before surgery we took him to the beach.

These are pics from the 2 hour trip home. He slept most of the way in the back seat after he got settled.

These are from him at home in his crate.

Here is a happy pic to remember the real him. My sweet baby.
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Awww! I'm glad to hear he's doing well! Keep us posted. I hope this surgery wasn't too much of a financial burden. If I won the lottery, I'd help you!
Awww, i'm glad he's doing well. I know that sucks for him being crated alot but just give him lots of chewy treats and love!!
I bet he recovers like a trooper! Congrats to you for getting him the help he needed. 8)
It's good to see you back here, and I'm glad Deuce is doing well. Give him lots of lovin' from Bella, Remy, and me!
Thanks guys. Leanne, I am lovin the avatar. I will try to come around more often.
So very glad the surgery went well and I will be praying for all to heal well. I am so happy to see you back! Please keep us updated!
Glad everything went well! It must be so hard keeping him caged up like that. Just keep in mind it's for his own best interest! He'll be better than new in no time! :D
AWE, poor Deuce.I hope he makes a speedy recovery.He is looking good but looks so sad in the crate but dont they all when they are in there.Now do you have to have his other leg done as well or was it just the one?Stay in touch and keep us updated on him.Give him ((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))) from Buster and I :D
Aww what a cutie. He'll be back on his paws in no time!
Wow I am SO glad the surgery is over. Deuce is a trooper and be ready for when he gets his cast off. With all that pent up energy he will be off and running. Keep us updates and give him extra love from me and Moose.
I'm so happy to hear he is recoverring nicely! Poor guy must be bored out of his mind! Will he need therapy afterward or can he go back to acting normal right away?
His other leg is fine. Not sure if he will need therapy. At work, gotta go. Thanks for the good wishes.
So glad Deuce is on his way to being 100%!! Can't wait to see some more pics of that goofy boy...he must be getting SO big!
He is getting big. He isn't growing any taller, but he is still putting on weight. He is 9 month and almost up to my knee, and he weighs 61 lbs. He is a big ball of mush, not being able to walk and all. He hasn't been able to walk very far since almost forever. Ok bad grammar but you get the point. I think he will really bulk up and get cut once he is taken off restriction. I will definately start exercising him then. Luckily it will be cooling down in a month or two. Well, talk to you guys later. I am trying to get a computer so I can be on more, but it may be a month or so.
He's such a little man in that first picture.. I just wanna squeeze his smushy face!
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