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I got a reminder in the mail to bring Harley in for her DHLPP. Got her in right away, we went yesterday. Harley's gained 8 lbs. since February :thumbleft: Anyway, I was looking at her health records today from the vet she saw proir to my adopting her in December. She had a DHLPP vaccine then that says it needs to be renewed in Dec. 06. My vet says it needs to be a series of vaccines (2 shots spaced 3-4 weeks apart) to be effective for 1 year. I brought Harley in for a skin condition in February, and I guess they gave her the first shot in the series that day, too. I never brought her back for the second shot, I guess. Now they want to do the "second shot in the series" in three weeks. Is all this necessary? She's already had 3 shots in the past 5 months.

She's so photogenic, I really need to learn to take better pictures.
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How old is she? They only need the repeated shots as young pups, as their immune system develops, they need boosters. But after 4-6 months, their immune systems are developed and they only need yearly boosters.

That's how I understand it, anyway. :D
Yeah, it's confusing b/c I got her in Dec. from a shelter. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on her age, but an estimate is 12- 15 months old now. I was told she was taken from a BYB b/c he left her and her sister out in the cold for 3 straight days in December. They were both frostbitten when they were brought in. I don't know if she ever saw the vet as a pup, but I kind of doubt it. The shot she got in Dec. could have been her first. If that's the case, then she does need these repeated boosters? I guess I was a little confusing with her age. I've had her for almost 5 months, and she's had 3 of the shots in that time (but spaced too far apart to be considered a series). She was 45 lbs. in Dec., 58lbs. in Feb. and up to 65lbs. now. I'm with her everyday, so it's hard to notice the change, but I'm so proud of her =D>
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I found Clara when she was about 8 monts old. The vet just gave her a
series of regular shots and that was it.
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