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Do I have an American Bulldog?

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Hi All-
I have an 8-month dog which I bought (Thor). He was supposed to be an American Bulldog (Scott-type) but his color is rare as in I haven't seen another one like him (except for a sister he had). Him and his sis are both tan with some white on the chest and feet with a black muzzle/eyes. The rest of the pups in the litter were the traditional white and tan colors. So were the parents. He kinda looks like a Mastiff or Great Dane in the way he is colored, he is 75 pounds and kinda lanky for his age. He doesn't eat much so we figured that is why he's so small. Anyway does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone seen an American Bulldog that looks like this? I can send pics...thanks!
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Here are pics of Thor, what do you all think? I always thought he was an American Bulldog but someone at a dog park yesterday said he was a Pitbull? Like I said, his parents looked like American Bulldogs and so did his brothers and sisters...he was the smallest of the litter though. Any thoughts?

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I actually emailed his parents' kennel and he is an American Bulldog (yay!). I always thougth he was but after so many people say he isn't you get a little doubt in your head after awhile! :wink:
We found the breeder his dad came from, therefore the breeder still has my dog Thor's grandparents. He actually is an American Bulldog and came from the Xander of Lichthardt PH line (dam) and Kinghaven's Raging Ruckus CGC, TDI, GDT, IDT3 (sire). The mother appearently has the same coloring as my dog which was the reason everyone always told me that he was NOT an American Bulldog since this color is rare. It's hard for me to understand how his coloring is not desirable because he doesn't look like all the others and I think his coloring is beautiful. When I bought him I didn't know that this color was not preferred. I don't care now either but it's just weird to me. But no, he is not a mix breed; he is a purebred :)
My hubby says the reason it is undesirable is because (he thinks) Olde English Bulldogges were white and they wanna try to stay as close to that as possible because they are extinct???

Also American Bulldogs have Mastiff blood in them but is should be a recessive trait to look like that and our dog isn't so recessive. I know for breeding purposes (we had our dog neutered because he sarted humping) the dog is supposed to be white with colored patches and ours is tan with some white.
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