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Does anyone have any experience with a boxer/pit bull mix?

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The only thing that I have been told is that they're extremely hyper, but what puppy isn't right? When we got Diesel we were told he was a Boxer mix but didn't know until he developed a bit more that he was mixed with pit bull which is fine with us, but I can't find anyone who can give me anymore info on them except for them being hyper.

Diesel is 10 months old now and is a very healthy boy, but seems to be starting some of the puppy behavior a little bit later than any other dog I've ever owned and we've had many. Like for instance the chewing, it's stopped for the most part but every once in a while he likes to get a hold of something he shouldn't have.

He isn't aggressive towards our other dog, but we recently had a dog from our neighborhood jump up on our front window and ever since then if he sees a dog being walked, a squirrel or anything else he's in the window on high alert barking his head off. What would be the correct way to stop that? We've never had this problem before so this is a new one for me.

Thanks for any information you can give to me and any tips you might have.
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First, congratz on your new addition! But it's hard to say what type of personality you will be seeing from your dog, it's your job to mold it, if you know what I mean. Any and all dogs are different, no matter what breed. Let's not worry about the breed, worry about the the fact that's he's a dog with a lot of energy.

The chewing: LONG WALKS are cures for most of these types of destructive problems. Work on more obedience and keep his mind busy. Make sure anything you don't want him to chew is away from a place where he could grab it. Out of site, out of mind.

How do you correct the barking? Forget about that mishap in the window, as your dog probably has. The squirrel and dog thing probably means he has a high prey drive. Which brings us back to exercise, exercise, and more exercise. Have you enrolled him in obedience courses? Two levels of obedience can help with socialization and behavorial problems also.
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