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Dog pappers or AKC

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Hello all

When i baught my AB (Mona) she didnt come with no pappers just a papper that showed she got her shots i was wondering how do i go by getting her registered or AKC i know for sure she is pure AB i saw bouth of the parents if anyone could help i have no idea if i need anything or not. thanks
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Hey all

Well i was reallly just wondering cuz i didnt know if i need it anything for her for me i really dont care if she is akc or has pappers or not i just hear people talking about i thought i was going to have to register her well that make my life easier that i dont need to worry about the pappers are registering her.
And i am not thinking about breeding or making money of her, i got her cuz i like the AB breed

Thanks All
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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