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Should a rule be applied to DOM that if you win you have to wait a month before posting your dog aga

  • Yes, it is only fair to others.

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  • No, it is a contest, everyone should be able to win repeatedly.

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  • I could not care less either way.

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Pinkie won Queen for July and tied for lady in August
I was so happy when she won the contest in July knowing her back ground, I bragged all over the Internet.
The tie for August was a surprise but non the less made me smile again.
I didn't enter her this month because she had already won, it was enough for me to know that she could win the dog of the month photo contest.
Thank you all who voted for her again I'm so proud of her.
But all things set aside I do think that if your dog has won the contest that you should not post for awhile to let others win the contest as well.
Its just a good feeling to know that your dog has won something even if its only bragging rights.
Vote for Pinkie Here if you would if she wins the money will be donated to rescue to help save more dogs like Pinkie

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