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Hi There!

I have a question:

Is it normal for Loki to try and be dominant over other dogs? He is a very rough puppy and will play for hours, and he plays rough too (but not to hurt, he just does not stop, even if the other dog has had enough and is starting to get snappy). He has been playing with my friends mix who is very vocal, and when they used to play at first, my friends pup would yelp alot (loki was being too rough) but after a few play dates, loki is ALOT more gentle so i know that he has been learning bite inhibition. Sometimes my friends dog will go crazy if they are wrestling at times and bite really hard and be very vocal, but loki has never ever yelped or wimpered, so the other dog doesnt know he is hurting him. Now when they play Loki will continually push this other dog to the ground and push his chest onto his neck to say im boss, but also likes to lay on his back infront of this dog and bite his paws, he just runs upto the dog, flops on his side and bites his paws (its asif he rolls over to let the other dog do it to him, like a roll reversal). Is this normal?

He was playing the other night with my sisters friends lab puppy, who is the same age (4 months) who is normally very dominant and rough with other dogs, the little lab even tries to fight older dogs (she needs more socialisation), and the first thing he did was run upto her, tail wagging and squash her to the ground and put his chest over her neck (she submitted straight away) and he got up and started nipping at her getting her to play.

He also paws alot of other pups in the face when playing.

Should he be this dominant to other dogs at this age? he plays with older Pitts's who are great with him, and he was with his mother until 9 weeks, so he knows manners. If he gets to "in their face" and doesnt leave them alone, they will do to him what he does to other pups, eg push him down and hold him for 5 seconds until he submits.

Im a tad worried about this dominance issue, has he is not being desexed (not planned unless there is problems) and we are getting a male huskie pup (who is 8wks atm) who WILL be desexed. Im asuming Loki is going to be the dominant one from the start, and the huskie breeder has informed me that the other male pup will know their pack place, and not challenge loki at a later date (as they are very pack orientated, and he will also be neutered).

Any tips or advice? Has anyone had a dominant pup?

Loki is like immune to pain, nothing, nothing bothers him at all. The only time i have heard him yelp is when i grabbed him by the scruff and held him down because he nipped my cheek when we were play wrestling (i was rolling around the floor with him).


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