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Dozer has had a HORRIBLE DAY!!!Update with pics

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This morning he was laying under the coffee table and rolled over and got his leg stuck in the leg of the coffee table. The legs are metal and curl up at the end. It was HORRIBLE, he was freaking out I though for sure he was going to break his leg. He finally got it out after bitting me, I was trying to get it out and he was bitting his leg and the table and got my arm once. So he is fine from that he isn't limping anymore or anything.

So I got back home this afternoon, and his eye was shut and he wouldn't open it, when he did it was rolled back and to the side, and really red. He hit his head a couple of times on the coffee table, but if that caused it why would it take so long to react like this. I don't know what to do. He is feeling fine, he is playing. He does rub it against stuff and its tearing really bad.

I don't know if I should call the vet or wait until tomorrow.
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Awww....poor Dozer! First of all, give him a big hug for me. Secondly, I would give it a day to see if his eye gets better. Is there any gunk coming out of it? If you have some saline maybe you could try flushing it out. ( I know, easier said than done!) If his eye was red from hitting his head, it would prolly just be a broken blood vessel and would not likely cause him any discomfort. He maybe scratched his eye or has an infection. Eyes have a tendency to heal really quickly. If he did scratch it, it should be much better by tomarrow. If it's no better, call your vet. Best of luck. :)
Thanks Kasco, I gave him a hug. He has been on my lap for the last hour cuddling, he is very sad. There is no gunk just really teary. I called the vet, she said to wait and see how it is tomorrow.
Poor Dozer! I hope he's better soon.
Sounds like a real close one! Glad his leg is ok. Hope the eye gets better soon.
Poor baby :( Hope he feels better really soon. Try to keep Lucy away from him so that he could rest. Sounds like he just had one of those days.
I hope Dozer's feeling better soon.
Petey got stuck under the bed a couple times....
Hey, how's Dozer feeling today?
Poor Dozer, sounds like a rough day! How's he feeling this morning?
His eye is really swollen still, I am taking him to the vet in a couple hours, they are going to squeeze me in. I could hardly look at him last night, I would tear up, cause his one eye wouldn't even open. I took a pic I'll post it later.

I don't think I've ever been so scared, I thought for sure he was going to break his leg. He bruised me up pretty good, when I went to get him out. I've had horses tangled in fences that are easier to calm then Dozer was.

I'll let you know how the vet goes.
poor Dozer! HOpe the vet can help him feel better.
Poor Dozer!! Keep us updated - I'll be checking back to see what the vet said.
Just got back from the vet. Dozer has an Ulcer in his Cornea, she said he could have got it by bumping his head on the table. He was really sore and didn't like the vet so much. We had to trap him in the corner to get the drops in, it should be fun for Chad and I to give him his drops three times a day.

Here is a pic of what he looked like before, poor guy is so sore.

Here is after, they put a dye is their eye to see where it is exactly, you can see the ulcer its the green part.

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Poor Doz!!! That must have been some bump on the head!! Give him a big hug for me.

Just wondering, and excuse me for being nosy, but is that ulcer going to affect the folds in his eyes?
We don't know yet, we have to see when its healed, I hope it doesn't make his eyes any worse then they already are.
Awww....well keep us updated!
Poor baby! Hope he's better soon. :(
Poor Dozer, that looks pretty bad. I hope it doesn't affect his eye permanently.
Poor guy! :( I hope he gets all better soon. :(
My heart goes out to him. I has my eye scratched by contact lenes and it swelled up and hurt so I can imagine how he feels. Give him a great big hug and I'll be thinking of him a lot. Did the vet say as to when he should be feeling better?
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