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Dry milk in nipples?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone new anyhting about this, I have a 7 year old AB. She was in heat about a month ago and the milk she was producing dried up. Now if you feel her last 3 nipples on her left side they have these large hard clumps in them. She has been like this for like a month. Is this normal? Can someone please help? I worry about evrything and would appreciate any opions I could get. Thanks.
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At seven years old and having gone through a false pregnancy I assume, those hard lumps you feel could be mammary tumors. I would take her in and have a biopsy done to determine if it is and if so, is it malignant or benighn.
what do you mean by false pregnancy, she has never been pregant before. We do not even try to breed her. Maybe i do not know what I am takng about. Is it possible that it is just dry milk that her body will eventually absorb?
In a females normal heat cycle, thier nipples will enlarge, but they carry no milk. Only a female who has been bred or has experienced a false pregnancy without being bred will have milk in thier nipples. If your female has milk in her nipples, but ther was no breeding done, she would have to be going through a false pregnancy. Can you squeeze anything from the nipples in question? If a milky,bloody,puss like substance comes out, she has an infection and will need to be on antibiotics. If nothing comes out when you squeeze them and they are hard lumps, I would say she has mammary tumors and a biopsy needs to be done.
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