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e-collar - your thoughts.

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I truly believe this is an abused tool, in the hands of idiots. I also believe this is the most under utilized super tool for dog obedience.

It is a tool, when used properly, that can be of so much help to bully breeds.

Many poeple believe that it is a punishment tool that shocks the dogs. NOTHING could be further from the truth. YOu are teaching the dog HOW TO TURN THE TICKS (NOT SHOCKS) OFF.

This is NOT a anti-bark collar.

YOur thoughts.
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I have used it during training for long downs with out female carley such high drive didnt know when to shut off. this helped. I HAVE SEEN soem abusive and not educated people use this during training and seen the dog run downt he street. I stopped training there but i dont put down this tool i find it handy during off leash work as well
I find it a great tool for increasing speed. Works wonders for the sit and down in motion. Works good for reinforcing the retrieve. I really like it but I have a dog with super high pain tolerance and a pinch just don't cut it especially when he's loaded in drive . Just wish it would work to curb the unnecessary barking he does during protection but unfortunately it just makes him worse. That is my biggest problem! Never used the ecollar on my bitch yet. Not sure if I will or not, it depends. I think the e collar is a great tool if not abused.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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