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Eating Rocks & Wont eat his food!

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Wtf is up with this dog? He now eats rocks. I always have to watch him and pry open his mouth and take it out. Anybody else dog do this? Also I gave him a lil roast beef I made for dinner and now he wont eat lol
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LOL yep I had that problem with my two.
I taught them to drop it , They loved to eat rocks , leaves & roots when they were little I use a squirt bottle to
I would spray em say no and make em drop it. It took a while but they caught on.
Thanks I think I will get a squirt bottle lol.
Watch out, if he doesnt start eating soon, better get to the vet.

I watched a show on animal planet one night, and it really opened my eyes.

My dogs eat rocks as well, my puppy even bites off pieces of concrete and eats it from the pool patio.

Rocks do not digest!Not at all!!!! They will sit and if too big, will stay in the stomache causing infection and rubbing away against the stomache lining. If too big, they cannot even pass them. This will lead to death. The ones they showed as too big, to my surprise were only 1/2" to 1" river rock, same as I have in my landscaping that my pups eat!!

I have been lucky thus far, but rock eating is a very touchy situation that even I was never aware of until I watched that!

Keep a close eye....can never be too careful,especially since the infection can lead to death, and can become very painful beorehand.
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There was an owner on a nother forum who had to have there dog operated on due to intestional blockages due to the rocks. Keep an eye on your dog!
If it's eating rocks it might be a good idea to take it to the vet for a stomach Xray.
Yep Tora trys to eat them too :shock:
Tanner hasn't started eating rocks yet but he does eat wood bark and grass and leaves and paper and ect........ I am going to have to use the water bottle idea. It drives me crazy! He also has learned to dig. BIG NONO! Good luck with the rock thing! I hope Tanner doesn't do that but I am sure he will. He is too busy chewing up his potty newspaper while we are gone.
:lol: YEP...Koda does the same thing! :lol: Koda will eat roots, grass, bark off the trees, and clumps of dirt...BUT will still eat his dinner! He's a porker... :lol:
He never swallows them im 100% sure lol, I watch him like I would watch a baby He is always on a leash and i see him and open his mouth and take it right away lol. He has eaten since this post he just wanted some more yummy roast beef but I refused lol. I should have specified he wont eat the DOG food after eating the pot roast lol. He wasnt refusing because of the Rocks . These are two dif subject I was just to lazy to make two seperate post lol.
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