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eating well

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well i finally figured out what moose likes to eat. i fought this and have never fed my dogs in the past or even present can dog food. well with a lot of cinvincing by my DH i now give moose 1/2 can of wet food with his 2 cups of dry. i figured out WHAT flavor he likes too. he is now getting thicker in the neck and such. my worry is he will get thicker in the neck and then his head will look like a pea LOL. anyways since you all know how i have been struggling with his eating habits i thought you all would like to know he is a full and always a happy dog. oh the can food is merrick brand. he loves the turducen (turkey, duck and chicken) and wingaling (has real wings in it)
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LOL pinhead LOL I will have to post some new pictures soon. I really hope his head will get thicker too.
Pat, the weather is rainy and a little windy. Thats it. They made such a big deal for nothing. I guess everyone is gun shy from last years season. They even cancelled my daughter induction and she was so mad (because there is no hurricane). She is going this morning. She is #3 for inducing so they said it should be later this morning. lets see i think it should be hard to tell since everyone takes different amount of time to deliver.
Cancelled until tommorrow. Boy she is one ANGRY women.
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