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Well alot of you know that in the past I had problems with Moose not eating and being very picky with his food. Well yesterday my husband fed Moose his breakfast because it was late and I was not happy that he didn't feed him yet. Well he was pouring his food and made a mistake and poured it into the water. Well I told him to drain the food and feed it to him anyways because his food is not cheap. Well he did and also poured the rest of the food into his bowl. Well.... Moose did not leave, lift his head or anything until he finished every last drop. Flook, well we fed him like that again today and he was looking for more food and licking his bowl like he can get more. This is very good news for us because Moose will go sometimes a whole day to 1 1/2 days without eating. Maybe now he will eat when we feed him and the cats (well Storm) will stop eating his food and then throwing it all back up again. YUK!
I am happy and wanted to share.
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Bam Bam usually eats fine and all of it when fed but his sister Peebles won't eat her food until his is gone or she just tries to steal all of his. He has started making a mess and knocking food all over the place. Ive hurd putting a ball in the bowl will make him slow down a little and might stop the hugh mess. Also, how many of you rise your bowls for your little guys and if so, when? He's kind of a big boy and was just wondering when I should get the two of them bowls that are rised up off the ground.
Guess Moose just needed a little "gravy" with his food. There was this little dog on an Animal Planet's Funniest Videos that had a double dog dish. Food on one side and water on the other. It was the funniest thing because the dog would take his nose and push water into his food dish to soften it up. Just cracked me up. :lol: Just a thought, have you checked Mooses's teeth? Maybe he has a tender spot and that is why he does not want to chew his food. :?:
No I haven't checked his teeth. I think his is a priss. First we raised his dish (about a month ago) and he started to eat better. Then like I said my DH poured food in the water and presto he loves it. I will check the teeth anyways. Thanks
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