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EB & Budgie?

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i am looking to get a bulldog for christmaa but if i already have a budgie in the house will the bulldog go for it? will it be ok? how do i introduce it to it? etc etc please answer thank you
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Budgie meaning bird/parakeet? You will definately need to keep the bird caged. I would not take the chance. I have two birds and my other dogs are fine with them but I have had Clara for one and a half years and I still am not sure what would happen if they were out with her. So I keep them in their cage when she is out and put her up when the birds are out.
ahh well that seems a problem because mine is a budgie yes a bird and he is so trained and his cage door is open permanantly and he is out most of the time just sitting out side the cage. my mum would never forgive me if my eb that i am hoping of gettin would kill him but because the budgie is in the living room then i will just have to make the dog know that the living room is out of bounds or does anyone else have an opinion on this?
Bulldogs can be prey driven animals...I would never trust the dog and the bird alone. Now if you introduce them as soon as you get the pup and train him that the bird is off limits, the two could be in the room together while supervised. Just remeber..it would require alot of training and diligence on all involved.

If the training is too much work, maybe see about caging your bird for periods of time when the dog will be out..or keeping the two in totally separate rooms.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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