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EB butt/hip area intermit click sound

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My 8 month old EB butt/hip area sometimes click when he walks. I sure hope this is just a growing thing and will go away. He goes up and down the stairs just recently and starting to sleep with the kids now that his pretty much house broken. Could that be a major factor to the click sound? Any help thanks? Oh yea his weigh is about 50lbs now and walks/runs pretty normal.
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If it's not bothering him...don't worry too much, but do ask the vet next time you're in for something...

I have an ankle that clicks...intermittantly...but it can be VERY loud :shock: . LOL...I've had comments from students during classes and once when I was invigilating exams - it was so quiet during the exam except for my ankle...*clik* step *clik* step...

Drove the poor student batty when she was trying to concentrate... :oops: Unfortunately nothing much I can do about it...
It's most likely something called crepitus, it's a form of arthritis. Heidi has this problem in her wrists and I guess it's very common. It's not usually painfull. My vet told me to give her Esther-C for it and the noise went away fairly quickly. I give her 3000mgs. per day. This topic comes up really often on here.

Here is some info on it http://arthritis.about.com/od/arthritislearnthebasics/g/crepitus.htm

Typically, dogs that have hip dysplasia also have crepitus. I'm not saying that your dog has hip dysplasia or anything, just keep an eye for problems.
Here is info about symptoms of hip problems.

Clinical Signs:
Decreased activity; difficulty rising; rear limb lameness; reluctance to use stairs, particularly to go up; reluctance to jump or stand on hind limbs; swaggering gait; bunny-hopping gait; pain from manipulation of the hip(s); decreased range-of-motion in the hips; crepitus in the hip joint; positive Ortolani sign; positive Barden’s maneuver; subluxation or complete luxation.

Less energy and movement; difficulty rising; lameness in the back legs; reluctance to use stairs (particularly to go up); reluctance to jump or stand on hind limbs; swaggering gait, bunny-hopping gait; soreness after lying down; soreness after heavy exercise.
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my EB's butt/hip does the same thing except I can't hear it I can feel it when I am playing/rough housing with him it is mainly just when he makes a side to side movement though, I can just feel the pop it does't feel to bad but i am going to talk to the vet about it
Swaggering walk is a symptom...how can you tell the difference in
the normal bully sway walk and an abnormal walk?
Orson really wiggles his back-end when he walks.
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