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Hi All,

I wanted to know about foods for EB's. I was considering alternating feedings with boiled chicken and white rice with veggies.

Also, I would appreciate any feed back in regards to possible ichy paws and face due to certain types of kibble or any other pet food.

I've also heard that EB's are ok on adult food as puppies. This is supposed to aid the joints and bones of rapid growth dogs because there isn't as much protein.

As much feed back as possible is appreciated. :)

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Here is a list of dehydrated all natural raw diet food providers. Do any of you have reviews or thoughts in regards to any of these brands? Bella is only 15 weeks, is it to early to consider one of these foods. It sounds like they have such huge benefits.

Aunt Jeni's
BURNS 800-983-9651
Back to Basics 800-219-2558
Go Natural 866-864-6112
California Natural 800-532-7261
Canidae 800-398-1600
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul (800-442-0402)
Eagle Holistic Select 800-255-5959
Flint River 909-682-5048
Foundations 866-864-6112
Honest Kitchen
Innova 800-532-7261
Karma (Natura Pet Products) 800-532-7261
Lifespan 800-359-4483
Newman's Own Organics (800-865-2866)
Pinnacle 800-255-4286
Prairie 888-519-7387
Wellness 800-225-0904
Wysong Synorgon 800-748-0188
VeRus 888-828-3787
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