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Im looking for a EB pup. Im looking for payment options (or breeding rights, call for details). I have a house/shop (orvis fly shop) and we would like a family pet/Store mascot. I will be willing (would enjoy) to take pup to shows on weekends/weeknights. I will also consider future breeding rights with a breeder. The location is in west MD. The house and shop is located on a Blue ribbon trout stream. No other pets, No very young kids.
There is endless land 50000+ acres of state park on all sides. The Yard will have a fence. No outdoor living for this pup.
Pup will see endless people during the day, and be with us at night. Will be very properly trained.
Will consider dogs under 1.5 yrs of age. (i would prefer). The pup/dog will be Put on our website, and a link to the breeder will be included. (we are a nation wide advertised website) The dog will be shown as Orvis Approved to add 'humor'. The dog/pup will recive TOP flight care, and well taken care of.
So please feel free to call me with any offers, and recive more info. about the company location ect. My cell #240-529-7660 Will.
This place will be paradise for a lucky pup/dog!

NOTE: I have tryed to contact adoption places, But i haven't recived any call backs. So im not going that route at this time.
Please feel free to call from 8am-11pm Est as im always up at these times. Call late is ok.
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