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I'm not into breeding, have met few OEBs other than my own . . .
know a few breeders now that stand a full brother to Mera, a sister etc . . . nice looking dogs . . . but I know of very few that are working dogs . . .
I really don't have the knowledge to answer your question . . . just have my pets, not a lot of bullies around here.

WOW, M.E. that's a bummer about your girl :0(
My 2 have a lot of Gargoyle lines in them (they have the ears! LOL) . . . so far so good . . . knock on wood!

Mera is 4, I've had her 2 years and Griffin is 2, we've had him over a year . . . their vet checks have been great and they are looking good, they play hard too. Griff has some yeast problems, gets ear infection easy and still has some bald spots on his back but the hair is growing in, no new loss in months, which leads me to believe it was his age & immune system . . . they are good with house cats/kittens and my 2 mini rex bunnies, they love them, lay on the couch with them . . . but the wild barn cats who run, wow! I gotta watch them as they chase & work together, double team big time, they love to corner them, I can call off Mera easier than Griff, when they are "on," they are like a cutting horse on a cow . . . I had to tell the guys to stop playing hard with Mera, they can NOT out run or out maneuver her, she will run between their legs, grab their pants leg and flip them to the ground, big guys, sprained the ankle on a 6'2" 200 plus pound guy flipping him! And she remembers who plays with her like that, they both get so excited they bounce, lunge, pinch, grab shoe laces so play like that has gotten to be a strict no no here as they won't quit if you let them get started . . . so they give the barn cats & each other a work out . . . Griff cannot best his Mom, he cannot take her down & she bulldozes him over all the time . . . they are like fast moving freight trains! I look out, Griff took my ankle out once trying to out maneuver Mom!

Mera is 50 pounds and Griffin is 53.

I do have them on supplements so hopefully no problems on down the road . . .
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