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augrad said:
:D Such a happy boy, as always!

Hey - Cannon, if you get the retractable leash, be sure you practice with it a bit at home before taking him out in public. It's not hard to use - just takes a little getting used to. Since it's a thin rope, you have to remember NOT to grab that part with your bare hands (learned THAT one the hard way!). You have to reel him in like a fish. :lol:

Oh, and be sure you get the super-strong one. Our pitties may not be huge, but they sure are strong! :shock: :D
Yeah, I had read all the warnings about bullies and retractable leashes. I stayed away from them while he was training for that reason, but he heels very well now. I will get a tough one too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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