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Elijah at the park pond(pic heavy)

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It was a beautiful day today so me and eli went to the park for a walk, had a good time 8)

on the way there

spotted a squirrel

where'd it go

posing next to a stump

eating all the bread left for the ducks :lol:

handsome boy

always posing

yummy bread

more posing

not quite sitting :lol:

i want the duckies!!

for the first time he actually went into the water willingly, he wanted the ducks so badly lol

here duckie duckie

mommy why wont they come to me

happy dog

time to go home
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Great pics! So if Heidi has Larry, who does Eli have? It needs a name, too. :wink: :D
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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