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English bulldog issues, and a "hello"

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Hi there, I am new to your forums and would like to start out with a hello. I recently got myself an English Bulldog and found him (in most cases) to be the best dog I have ever had. One problem though is housebreaking him. I searched around the forums and wasn't having too much luck finding my specific issue, so I apologize in advance if this has been posted 100 times.

My bulldog, George, is about 7 months old now and knows where he is supposed to go to relieve himself. I open the front door, he will run out and do his business, then run right back in. I can't question his brains, he has learned that much. I keep him in a crate when I go to work at night so he is usually locked up for about 8.5 hours. On occasion, even after being walked right before work (maybe once a week) he will poop in his crate, then play in it. I am sure you can all guess how much time it takes me to clean THAT mess up. Last night I was running late so I locked him in the kitchen expecting a huge mess when I got home (I was right), but still can't figure out why he must play in it and scatter it around... but I digress.

The real issue I have (besides him still going in his crate at 7 months) is that he doesn't tell me when he needs to go out. Every dog I have had has always made a fuss and well "tell" me that it was time. George just plays, stops for a brief minute to relieve himself wherever he is, then goes back to playing.

So to make a long story short, how do I train my dog to let me know he has to go so I can get him housebroken? I have heard that English Bulldogs are a bit stubborn, but he at least knows what is right and wrong, I just need him to let me know "when".

Thanks for your time. =)
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Try these 2 forums. They are all English Bulldog owners.


I've trained my 2 EB's to ring a bell at the door when they need to go out.
I've heard of that, just not sure if he will be willing to spare the time to ring it. ;-) Thanks for your help, I will take a look at the other sites as well.
We had a little French Bulldog being fostered for about a year and he would do the same thing.
I'm not sure why he was so hard to outside train, but I'm sure he "played in it" as an attempt to hide the mess.

Dogs really do feel bad after they have an accident, if they are old enough to know better.

The dogs being boarded at my animal hospital would go to great lengths of hiding their messes.
Some would poo and pee OUTSIDE their cages, some would poo in their water bowl, some would stick their water
bowls and blankets on top of the poo to hide it. And some would eat it.

Yeah, Orson still doesnt give me any good signs he want to go out...
and he is 15 months!
The most he will do is sit and stare at me, but he does that too when he wants to play :?
I just always assume when he need to go out, before and after sleeping and a bit after eating or drinking. Works so far!
I'm no potty training expert but I think that leaving him in a crate for 8.5 hours is too long and might be part of the problem....
My EB can hold his for about 9 hours when we put him to bed at night. But he does wake up at the exact time every single day 7am and is in serious need of going outside. He is also 7 months. Most of the time he does sleep all night as well, so I don't think 8.5 hours is too long to be in a crate as stated before. Unless he's in his crate for 8.5 hours while you're at work, and then is also in there for 8-9 while you sleep... He wouldn't be getting enough training time in, and might be the reason for training issues. I feel like we put Lincoln in his crate too much and we only put him in at night and for approx. 3-4 hours/day before my boyfriend picks him up and bring him in his truck(work) for most of the day. Which I must say, he absoultely adores! Whenever he hears diesel now he will stop anything he's doing and run to the door... too cute. O:)

We had the same problem with our 8 month old EB, Vito. What we found was that he actually DOES give signs that he needs to go out, but they were given 15 minutes or so BEFORE he would have an accident. Think back to when he's had accidents, and also observe his behavior carefully from here on out. Vito acts like he wants to play or have you chase him around the house, but he doesn't have anything to play with. This means he needs to "go". Otherwise he'll want to play with a toy. He's also learning (a long process I'm learning... he's our 1st EB too... stupborn!) to go sit by the door when he needs out. Every time he needs to go out we make him sit by the door, and he's actually done it on his own one or two times! NEAT! Just remember, they want to please you, and know that they shouldn't go inside, so they'll hold it until they can't anymore.

As far as the pooping goes, we had that same problem as well. MAKE SURE you get him a walk in the morning before you go to work... I know, also a challeng with a sleepy bully, but make him go... once you're out the door and on the street he'll reluctantly cooperate. Getting a little exercise and smelling the world will stimulate him and he'll #2 before going in his crate. I'm also not sure he's "playing" in his doodoo... it may be a space thing where he has no choice but to lay down in his own stink. Diet is also a factor. Vito gets nothing with wheat, corn, beef, or chicken... we give him lamb and rice dog food, which has helped out his system immensely... both gas and all too frequent bm's. We also give him crackers and pretzels as treats instead of regular dog treats, which has helped a LOT! When he DOES get a dog treat it's ONE/singular, not more.
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