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English bulldog stillbirths...help!!

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We just started breeding our English bulldogs this year and the first two litters out of different bitches both produced stillbirths...the first had 2 beautifully formed pups which she expelled days apart-both dead. The second had 4 beautiful pups and 1 waterpup-all dead. She expelled the first, the vet did a c-section and removed the other four dead pups-all beautiful and fully formed, but he thought they may have died a few days ago. He is at a loss. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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The first one was 5 and the second one was almost 2.
different studs

Each one had a different stud.
response re C-section

Ok, I feel I'm getting railed here. I know that EBs require a c-section. We are committed to improving the breed. We work closely with our vet. Our bitches both ended up pushing out a dead pup earlier than their expected date, showing no signs of labor...and we were watching closely-we love our dogs and they are like family members. That wasn't my question. I just wanted to know if anyone had experiences such as this before so we could know what to test for. We have tested for brucelosis (sp?) and just want to rule out everything we possibly can. I thought this would be a helpful site, considering the name, but maybe I was mistaken.
1 - 4 of 40 Posts
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