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bully health issue-

Ive had Jade for almost two yrs now-she will be 2 this coming jan31-07.So far Ive had no major issues with her-a bout of ear mites which we treated ourselves,we bred her when she had her second heat but all 5 pups died.She hasnt had any major concerns-she is very upbeat and far from lazy-she lies down on floor by yer feet but when you move she is up and ready to go too.She is a great eng bully-smart ,playful,likes to sleep on her back right where we walk in the room.I got her from a lady in Wisconsin from the puppyfind site-and Diane has 15 yrs of exp behind her on the breed...
I never had such a good dog.Hope this helps.Pls do get a bully-they will enrich the lives of many around you....Jodi
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