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English bullies health issue

Hi, I have 6 English Bulldogs, here's my run down on their health. First one I had is Princess: Great no problems, very active, did well in dog shows, then I bred her. First litter all pups ok, second litter, 6 water puppies, none lived. Third litter ok but she killed 2. She had a shot of antibiotics and something else one day and had a seizure, seizures kept up and had 6 seizures in 8 months, she is now one seizure meds. Health now questionable.She has been spayed when seizures started. Her pups are all fine in fact have them coming back for another pup. My second one is King, male, great dog did well in dog shows,no problems but a intradigital cyst. My third Jazzy, no problems but very ACTIVE, no show experience, my fourth one Robin, did great in show ring, no problems, very lazy. My 5th and 6th are Maverick and Sugar, no problems yet, young pups 9 months and 7 months. So out of 6 dogs only 1 has had problems. I got the first one from someone who said they have bred for years. I don't know. I didn't know too much then, now the rest I get are only gotten by people I have met at shows. So I know they are prone to problems but you really can't tell until you get one if it will have problems also if the breeder is really truthful. I have noticed some breeders won't really tell you of any problems.
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