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Excessive tears?

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I tried changing foods every couple of months to see if her tears would clear up. Its not too bad but since her face is white the tear stains are really noticable.

Different Foods I have tried.

Wellness - still gets eye tears
Canidae - She got the runs really bad so I didnt have her on this food for very long
Nutru Max - what she is currently on. Its a good food for the price.

Im thinking it could possibly be the cold weather. Like dogs, our eyes tear in the cold too. Any thoughts?
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Have you tried Duck/Potatoe i use it and i know a lot on here do too.My maddie doesnt tear up as much with this food.
What name brand of food do you recommend? I'll see if my local pet store carries it.
Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance. Royal Canin makes one too, but it's prescription and the dogs don't like it as much anyway. The Natural Balance is at Petco and some feed stores and independant pet stores.

Royal Canine is prescrition?? I get it at petco/petsmart and Kate really seems to enjoy it.
they have a duck and potato that is. banfield carries it, and it is the only hypo-allergenic at petsmart. anything to make $$.
ohhhh okay, makes sense now!! Yea we don't have a banfield here in NY, or else I would probably switch over to that since it is will the same Brand of food. Oh well
I'll give it a try in a couple weeks. I still have a lot of her current food left.
I use the DVP Duck & Potato and Bear had hardly any tears. But then I had half a bag left of Wellness so I mixed it in. The tears have been horrible. I can't wait til the mix is gone so I can go back to DVP Duck & Potato plain. I notice in the cold outside he starts tearing even more.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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