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Just wondering what others do to exercise their dogs when it's raining out (if your dog doesn't like rain)?? Max plays with his toys in the house (tug, etc.), but it's not really doing the trick. He's starting to get stir crazy and it's driving me nuts!!!

Thanks for any suggestions!!! :)

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Wish i had a dog treadmill...they are so expensive.
I do have stairs but they are hardwood and Orson slips and
slides on them too much (tried putting down non-slip stair treads)
but after one good run down they move :?

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Legend and I run up and down the stairs, practice sit, stay, down, etc., bagel toss(similar to fetch), hide treats, hide in seek, play peek a boo, Legend loves playing under covers, on laundry day he drags a bag of clothes, and we run on the treadmill. Here's some other tips.

Canine Indoor Exercise Tips
1.Fetch. Toss a ball across the room. Let your pet fetch. Remember, a 10-foot throw means 20 feet of running for Fido.

2.Ups & Downs. Stand at the top of the stairs, gently toss a ball down and encourage your dog to retrieve it. This is a good cardiovascular exercise that builds up leg muscles. Stop when your pet seems tired.

3.High Jump. All you need is a carton or overturned chair and some encouragement for the dog to leap over. Raise the height as your pet becomes more limber. Keep in mind that puppies shouldn't be jumping too high so keep the height low for them.

Household chores can be part of your daily exercise activity. For instance, when putting clothes into the washing machine, tell your dog to sit. If he gets up, tell him again. The more the dog does it the firmer the abdominal muscles and hindquarters will become. As a bonus, the laundry gets done at the same time.

5.Use doors. Have your pet sit every time you open a door. Think of the number of times you open and shut a door during the day. If your dog responds to your command each time, he will burn more calories than you think.

6.Coming when called is exercise too, especially if you have the dog sit once he reaches you.

7.Heeling (walking with you and sitting when you stop). This is a combination of sit-walk exercise, like coming when called.

8.Sitting and getting up are equivalent to pushups for people.
By walking. Walking around the perimeter of a 9 by 12 foot rug and stopping before each piece of furniture in the room, your dog will have walked 42 feet and done several easy pushups in the process. He also learns not to race around the living room and to stay off the furniture.

9.Scenting. Have your dog watch you put a treat in an empty M&M cylinder container. Throw the cylinder out in front of your dog and tell him/her to ‘find it’. When your dog acknowledges the cylinder or picks it up tell him/her ‘yes’ and open the container to give him/her the treat. Add one M&M cylinder at a time with no treats to the floor while putting another treat in the same cylinder as used before. As your dog catches on to the game you can either place the container down in the pile while the dog watches or while your dog hides. You can have the pile of articles grow to whatever size you would like. Remember your dog’s job is to find the container with the treats in it. If your dog indicates or brings back the wrong cylinder ignore him/her and point out the right cylinder and PRAISE.

10.Name Toys. Name your dog’s different toys. For example, the stuffed critter call ‘Critter’ and the ball call ‘Ball’. Tell your dog to get ‘Critter’ while pointing at his/her critter. When your dog seems to understand his/her toys’ names. Ask them to ‘Go Get Critter’. If they get ‘Critter’ praise and play with them with their toy. If they get the wrong toy ignore them and go get the right toy to play with them. Once your dog understands the game you can start hiding their toys to make the hunting experience more difficult and stimulating.
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