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How much for a 6month old AB?? I take her out for long walks, rollerblading, dog park once in a while, she starts panting heavy so I stop and head home. 10-15minutes later its like she has not even started!!! Guess the real question is how long can you exercise them safely and know when to quit to prevent heat exhaustion (big con is living in south florida, which limits exercise to either early morning or late afternoon)
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The old rule of thumb is if the nose is dry. That means it's quitting time, and water time too.
I carry a bottle of water with me when I take my dog on walks. And stop frequently to see if he wants any.
Unfortunately, the dry nose theory is just an olde wives tale/myth.

Watch your dog. If he/she seems to be having trouble keeping up & is laggin behind, he/she's had enough. I'm in Louisiana so I can sympathize with you on our crappy 100degree weather with 90% humidity. It your case it's best if you split up the exercise regime into 2 or more sessions (take the total amount of exercise time/activity & divide into 2 & there you have the duration for each session). This is not only because of the weather, but because your dog is still growing & too much strenuous exercise can harm joints, tendons, & ligaments (& even muscles) in a growing dog.
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