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Extreme Vomiting...please help!

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Well for the past 2 days my girl has been real lathargic and sleeping a lot. But yesterday she started throwing up a tiny bit of food but mostly water and a lot of grass. But I wake up this morning and shes thrown up a good amount of blood. I've tried to feed her but she just wont eat anything I try and give her. She will only drink water and most the time ends up throwing it back up. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or have any type of knowledge to what it could be? I really dont want her to get any worse but have no idea how to help her.
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My sister in law is a vet assistant i believe. Im waiting on her office to open to see if she can help me out.
Yes, at this point, your dog does need a vet. Hope all goes well,
please let us know how she is doing.
turns out the blood is actually her fecal matter. Which im sure doesnt make it any better. Its just coming out burgandy red and has the horrible stentch with it. Ive been tryin to rehydrate her with pedialyte but she just wants to lay or sit around and be lethargic. :cry:
Don't waist time here you should be calling vet ASAP. Not something to fool around with
I hope you get her in today! Sounds like a bowel obstruction. Probably ate too much grass or ate something in the grass.
Already talked to the vet she said to try and get some electrolytes in her and if she doesnt get any better to bring her in asap. but she said there has been something going around in cats and dogs with diarhea and throwing up. im thinking she might actually have a bowel obstruction. either way she will be going to the vet today.
Please let us know what the vet said. Doesn't sound good.
I hope you haven't waited too long already. If she's throwing up fecal matter that means there is poison coursing through her body from it. Let us know what happens.
I almost lost my dog a month ago do do a bowel obstruction. Not something you want to mess around with. The dog's stomach can twist (gastric torsion) and at that point it's pretty much game over. Get the dog to a vet. On the other hand, your dog could have something like parvo which again, is serious and requires a vet.
Just got back and they said its possibly parvo which is terrible. They are gonna make sure and check her out and do all they can to help her. It already feels lonely with her away :cry:
that is so sad... we lost one to parvo about 3 months ago and it is horrible. I hope the vet is able to help your baby and things don'tprogress. :cry:
I am glad you took her to the vet to get treated.Hopefully she gets better soon and fast.Please keep us updated on her situation.
BRICKS said:
Just got back and they said its possibly parvo which is terrible. They are gonna make sure and check her out and do all they can to help her. It already feels lonely with her away :cry:
That is too bad - how old is this dog? Good luck, keep us updated.
I'm so sorry to hear that. Parvo is very hard to overcome, but it can be done. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your pup.
I wish you both the best of luck! I have had to experience parvo too. My Koda had it when we first got him. He had to stay in the animal hospital for 3 nights, and we almost lost him. Luckily, he pulled through just fine, and he's now as healthy as can be! I hope you have the same luck...I'll keep you and your baby in my prayers! [-o<
I didnt know dogs got parvo at that age?!?! My dogs have been vaccinated against that I thought?!?! Dont the first shots include a vaccination for this?
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