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Extreme Vomiting...please help!

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Well for the past 2 days my girl has been real lathargic and sleeping a lot. But yesterday she started throwing up a tiny bit of food but mostly water and a lot of grass. But I wake up this morning and shes thrown up a good amount of blood. I've tried to feed her but she just wont eat anything I try and give her. She will only drink water and most the time ends up throwing it back up. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this or have any type of knowledge to what it could be? I really dont want her to get any worse but have no idea how to help her.
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I'm so sorry to hear that , I hope he pulls through.
Any age dog can get parvo, it is just seen most ofted in pups and older dogs who's immune systems are lacking. Vaccination isn't a 100% guarantee agaisnt illness sadly.
my girl had her parvo shot at 6 weeks as well but her previous owner didnt follow up on them. fortunately she is doing a lot better today more active, gettin her fluids and everything. But they called and said she started vomitting after i left from visiting and I have to call back an check on her to see how shes doing and to see if I can bring her home today. Thank you all for the words of concern. God willing shell bounce back from this and itll be just a distant memory.

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My goodness I hope she gets better. I remember when Max got sick and almost died. They thought it was pavo but it wasnt but n e way I cried myself to sleep when I could sleep!! I am soooo praying for you guys!!!
finally after almost a whole week at the vet Roxi returned home and is doing a lot better! I wasnt sure when she would get to come home since she was still feeling bad over the weekend but they called us earlier today and we went to pick her up. shes a lil on the slim side since her appetite hasnt been regular but shell soon be back to norm. :D
Ya know I think coronavirus causes the same effects in dogs but it is not as bad as parvo.
vaughndyer1 said:
I didnt know dogs got parvo at that age?!?! My dogs have been vaccinated against that I thought?!?! Dont the first shots include a vaccination for this?
Vaccinations can not always stop a virus bc they mutate ...that is the trouble with AIDS once we get one strand under control another one pops up....IMHO there is nothing worse than a virus...............=...With virus you cannot cure it you can only treat the symptoms and hope that the body kicks it on its own

You are in my prayers
I hope the vet informed you to bleach everything because that is the only way to kill parvo in your home and around your home, so she does not have another episode or any other dogs you may have. We had a pup years ago that died from it and we had to clean every where she threw up and pooed with bleach even outside, we took a pump spray bottle with bleach and water and sprayed the whole yard down.

Glad to see your girl is doing better!
Glad to hear Roxi is doing better :)

And good on the rest of you guys for acting so quick in your responses :D
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