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Well I am off today so I took them both to the vet to get nails trimmed and to get them weighed.

Molly weighs 16.5 lbs and Faith weighs 36.5 lbs. I thought I might have to muzzle Faith because there were alot of animals in there but the vet said to try it without doing that so I did and she just sniffed on dog and never barked or jumped or anything. The vet came out saying she was an Angel and that I was silly to think she would need a muzzle. You just never know.

So YEAH for Faith!!!!! Just goes to show how stupid our neighbor is! She let 3 different people there pet her. And she walked by 1 cat and probally about 9 dogs and never made a whimper! And the vet took her back alone to trim her nails but she forgot to weigh her so she started to take Faith back there again and Faith did not want to walk. So she told me to come back with them so I walked Faith back there. They weigh them were they bord the dogs and there was a AB that was white with black spots back there. I think it was at least. It is hard for me to tell the difference between some AB's and Boxers. But I really think it was an AB. Very cute!!!! But Faith ignored them all! I think she just wanted to go home.
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