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I'd simply suggest buying a new bag of better quality food, once the bag you have is currently 1/2 full or lower. If you don't currently have the food, then purchase one of the smaller bags. Gradually over a week or two time mix them in together until eventually the small bag or remaining food is gone, and all he is eating is the better food. When I switched my Schnauzer over from IAMS to the DVP, I just said screw it, after a few days, and fed the IAMS to the wild animals outside, lol. He was only a few months old, and never had any problems. The food he was going to be eating was MUCH better for him, and his stool was immediately better not worse. I probably could have just switched him cold turkey, and he would have been fine. Recently I switched foods again to see how they do, and didn't gradually introduce it at all. Just finished one bag, and opened the next. They didn't have any problems at all. Though they weren't tiny puppies either.
It sounds like your puppy is still very young, and probably not old enough to be leaving it's mother and siblings yet. The pup should be eating food a lot longer than a week before coming to your home though, just my opinion. ;)
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