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I prefer Nature's Variety Prairie. My 13 weeks old pit pup gets 1 patty a day (8oz) mixed with 1 cup of Verve (by The Honest Kitchen). This totals 1 1/2pounds of food a day, which I split into two feedings.
Zeus (6yr, Akita) and Eros (6yr, AmStaff/Rottie mix) get half Nature's Variety Dry and half Northwest Naturals Raw.
Matieca (10yr, Kelpie/Chow mix) and Cuda (5yr, Min Pin) are on Nature's Variety raw, mixed with veggies and oatmeal.
Nature's Variety has worked best for us, because of their high quality ingredients and varieties available. Their raw is available in: organic chicken, chicken/turkey mix, beef, lamb, venison, and rabbit. Their dry is available in: chicken/rice, beef/barley, lamb/oatmeal, venison/millet, salmon/rice, and raw instinct (chicken/tapioca w/no grains). The also offer canned and freeze dried.

Check them out at:
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