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Man what a morning I have had...

First off we had an AC leak that started last night. We turned the air off all night...hoping that would fix it. We woke up this morning sweating bullets to find the ceiling still dripping. I woke up, got ready, went to work, and an hour and a half later get a call from by BF that the ceiling collapsed. My question when it fell..fiberglass went everywhere and Marc said Clutch got some. The minute he got it he started hacking for a sec and then was fine. Do I need to be concernened over this...he seems ok but I dont know about fiberglass in your lungs.

So now I have a 3ft by 3ft hole in my livingroom ceiling and its STILL dripping. Since there is a hole there now and you can see the unit we know why it was leaking...The pan for the AC had a rusted hole in it and it was just drip drip driping out of it! Man these old houses...work work work! The AC job is wack in the house cause its 80 years old...and had to be put in the house years after it was built. My best friend is an AC installer so he is helping me out to get the leak fixed tonight...THANK GOD...but the hole I dont know where to start!?!?!?!?
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