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Finally new puppy pics........ I think Raiden, or Blade

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We weighed him at the breeders house right before we left and he weighs 13 pounds at 8 weeks old. He is so CUTE \:D/

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so cute!!! what are yall going to name him?
he is quite the cutie!!
and i love both those names!
He's a real looker Red. Adorable! I love the little cone heads some pups have. Loki did too.
OMG... we've got to get some better pics... those don't do him any justice. He is soooooooo cute!!! He also loves to lay in your lap and he's constantly wagging his tail. He seems like he's pretty comfortable already. Matter of fact, he's sleeping in his crate right now while Chassis and Magoo are chasing each other around the living room. #-o
OMG so cute!!!!! More pictures please!!!
Oh, he is adorable!!! He'll grow up to be quite a handsome man! :D
He is SUPER CUTE!!!! What does he think of Magoo??,
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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