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Hi folks. I found this forum from an email list I am on. My name is Lisa and I live in Lake County Florida. In my area, bully breeds are used for hunting boar. You never hear of pits or any other bully breed hurting or attacking humans at all. Until I moved to Lake County and realized "bulldogs" meant pit bulls and not either ABs or Old English bulldogs, I thought BSL was okay. Now I am against it and think there are better ways of dealing with problem owners and fighting rings. (Sorry, just don't think we should be fighting animals for "sport".) I am willing to help anyone in my state work to get rid of BSL in their area in anyway I can!

We acquired Bella, an 11-month-old American Bulldog (could be mix) from a friend of ours. She has quickly become my companion; telling me to go to bed (unless daddy is sleeping already, she can't go to bed by herself!) getting me up in the morning, and since she rides in the car with her seatbelt harness better than my 100# GSD, she will become my go-bys companion as well. She is definately mommy's girl! She learns quick wether with verbal commands, or just "habit" training.

I am 38-years-old with two teenage boys that I homeschool My husband and I have been married for 13-years. Bella is my first AB. My husband had a dog that resembled Bella, Chesa. We feel she might have has some AB in her. She was a wonderful dog. Bella is turning out to be just as great. The only thing I wish is that a whole pack of these guys could live together free-roaming in my home. Bella is so great! She gets insanely jealous when I pet my other female dog, and aussie. They have to be carefully watched and seperated when no-one is at home as they have had two spats already. I don't want a dead aussie! :roll:

I look forward to learning from those so much more experienced than I and learning to love the bully breeds!

Thank you.
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