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So I havea 7 Yr old bully named lola. We watched a friends dog a month back for 2 days and turn out he had fleas so we treated all our pets we treated our bully lola and our kitten too.. this took about a week of constant deep cleans all the flea treatments oral and topical I could get my hands on and also house flea sprays to get on top of. Also twice daily combing of lola as they seem to be sticking with her. I wash her most nights because she's been so badly bitten with flea repellent shampoo and flea comb any eggs I can out for a good hour each time. She seems clear for a day then they are back with a bang around her piggy tail mostly. The oral flea killing tablets work good for her but only for a small time as I think the eggs must be hiding and within a few days she's got them again. I'm demented with it 4 weeks of constant deep cleans, hoovering, washing all bedding everyday and sofa covers you name it I've done it! The cat has stayed clear of re infestation and I know this due to combing him everyday but can't seem to get onto of my bulldogs flea issue. She never gets to the point of being covered just a couple live fleas and lots of eggs because I'm so onto of combing and treating her. I worry she is becoming immune to them as we have used so much in the last few weeks and some especially sprays make her poorly and froth at the mouth so I'm not keen on keep using this not to mention the cost of £50 I'm spending weekly buying flea killing products. I know the problem has to be the eggs so I need a solution other than combing to rid her poor body of eggs as she gets agitated being combed over her bites as anyone would and has started biting as she is fed up. She is too big built to scratch herself so never scratches as she can't reach bless her but never had a problem with fleas in 7yrs of owning her until we cared for our friend's dog. I'm 31 weeks pregnant, with a toddler so this constant flea cleaning process is draining I can't keep doing it it's making us all miserable.

Had anyone any tips that would help with bulldog fleas? She also has 4 ticks bless her .. I just wish something would work more long term for her as she's completely depressed. We have tried ointment killer, repellant ointment, flea and tick shampoo. IGUR house killer flea spray and topical flea spray for dogs along with oral flea killer that kills within 24hours .

Any help appreciated I was close to rehoming my cat as thought he was bringing them in but he's clear they are sticking with our dog she obviously has good blood .I don't want this nightmare to continue when I have a newborn to look after soon I just won't h
ave the time I barely have enough hours in the day as it is
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