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omg, maggie is obsessed with the flirt pole.... i took her and rufus out today to get it, but had to leave them in the truck because the store owner had his dog there, so i ran in and ran out..

here are pics of the brat (as i call her) enjoying the flirt pole. keeping her tired is now going to be easy, she has rufus for hard play, and the flirt pole for the rest....

she can actually jump almost 5 feet in the air, of course my stupid kodak camera didnt get her airborne shots very well...

this shot she went so high up she fell backwards and landed with a thud.. so i stopped the flirt pole for a while, i wanted to make sure she was ok.. she was, she went right back after it..

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Looks like fun! I need to get one of those for Dino. He just has WAY too much energy. :roll: :lol:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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