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Food and Excercise

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Hi guys, I had some questions. Well this one isnt really a question, im telling you - I feed Boomer Nutro Puppy Max, with the recommended cups per day by weight and age. My question is, when do I switch to adult food, 1 year of age?

Also, unfortunately, I have to be honest, Boomer doesnt excercise every day. Every other day I walk him(minimum exercise) -or - ill walk him when I get home and go for a jog too. Is this enough exercise? Every other day thing?
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We switched Haus over to adult at about 8 months. Some people do it sooner.
Really? But they're still growing. I still have Heaven on Puppy Chow and she just turned 1 yr old. Should I switch her? :?:
Wow 8 months, they sure are still growing, I think Boomers' about done, hell be 1 year in Feb 12, 06. I'll switch him then I guess.
it's really a personal preference, some people never feed puppy food at all, some feed til 6 months, some feed til 1 year, some feed til 18 months, etc. etc. it's just whatever you believe is best for your dog.

how old is your pup? i'm guessing he's pretty young so yes thats enough exercise and i really wouldnt recommend the jogging until he's grown, it puts too much stress on their young joints and their growth plates arent closed and all that good stuff....
I never fed Dozer or Lucy Puppy food, I started them on adult food. Right now they are 3 months and 8 months. The only difference really is the protein amount, puppy has more, which causes them to grow faster, which can be hard on joints ect.
He'll be 11 months on Jan 12 !! Hes full grown I guess, have to measure him. How do I measure his height, from the floor to what - top of head?

Also, to measure his body I just wrap his torso? And his head from the top of head to under chin?
to measure him you measure from the ground to the top of his shoulders, or you can do from the ground to his withers

to measure his head you go around the "fattest" part of the head.

and to measure length you do from his shoulder blades to the base of the tail.
I dont do puppy food either. As far as excersize if your not wanting to walk , mayby a game of tug of war. Or some lead work. How about a bath and brush out, or try cleaning the teeth, just activities to suppliment the time the two of you would spend together.
Our dogs only get walked about twice a week this time of year, b/c it's dark by the time we get home and there are no street lights. You should try to play in the yard, if it's lit. Also, you could try making a "flirt pole." It's a piece of 3/4" plastic tubing w/ a toy tied to the end of it. Ours love theirs.

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