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foot fetish

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Hi there
I have a 7-8 month old staffie and he has the most annoying habit of peoples feet and shoes.....
If he is not licking them he is trying to nibble them If he is not doing that he is rubbing himself against them...
Any body else's dogs have or had a fetish for feet shoes ect and how do you cure it... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
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Yea, my Buster who is four months has a major foot fetish.Anyone that comes over in sandles or dress shoes were the toes stick out he is licking and sniffing them.We get a kick out of it, strange dog...........lol
Thank god I am a sneaker girl :) He also loves to nibble on ears and lick the hell out of them :shock:
My mason will not leave any shoe untouched in my house... he even goes into our closet and starts dragging out all my fiances shoes..strange dog :p
Tia has a foot fettish too :roll: She's alway licking peoples shoes and when I have nothing on my feet..........she's in her element! :lol:
Mine likes to lick your feet too. Not shoes though bear feet. My husband loves it I have to laugh Not me feels too funny, his joke is they are messaging his feet and he will let one on each foot LOL But I think he is as crazy as my pups anyway LOL
CC has a foot thing too, god forbid you have open toed shoes on :lol: plus she loves to chew her toys on our shoes, nothing like pieces of bone in you tennis shoes!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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