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Guardian Angels

Throughout the past many stories have been told,
Some very new - some very old.
Stories of guardian angels may have been said to you,
Of Angels in many different forms, but all of these are true.
You see - guardian angels take the form of something close to you.

One may be wondering how they find that special one,
The one they care and love for, to play with and have fun,
What isn't told, is the simple fact that the angel chooses you,
The bond that you would share isn't made up, it is true.
They may finally choose to take your side - when you least expect it,
They will cheer you up when your depressed, their love - you can't avoid it.

When your together you feel free,
When alone you're lonely and sad.
The fact that their life is just so short,
Just tends to make you mad.
Love them while you can,
And be happy for them when their free,
Because a pet's life is a precious thing,
A rare commodity.

~Author Unknown

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:cry: That is beautiful.

Sometimes I just can't understand how we have these terrible people in our world who do things that hurt others. Besides the murderers, rapists, and abusers we have to worry about the messed up people who kidnap children and pets. Society seems to be going down hill.
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