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Oh I totally hear you. However, if his EB really has stomach problems, TOTW will be no good because it is not a limited ingredient food. Bowser couldn't handle all the extra fruit, and veggie sources. Grain free is great, but for dogs with really sensitive digestive systems, all the unnecessary fillers will wreak havoc.

I also don't see anything terrible in the Pro Plan. It contains Salmon, fish meal, rice, and oatmeal. No weird fillers or anything. Honestly, it has the same ingredients as the high quality vet food that my vet was pushing.
I'm not looking to get into an argument, but just because it's a Purina product does not necessarily mean that it's crap like many of their other formulas. This one seems to live up to it's "hype".
Again, it's all personal opinion, and I know that it worked for my dog, so I think that's justification enough not to necessary rule it out as a decent kibble.
TOTW is limited ingredient and good ingredient. The only hype I know about Purina is negative lol I won't go into detail but the method of obtaining ingredients isn't the only bad thing.

It's all honestly what works for your dog and you. I considered Nature's Variety Instinct and personally was not impressed with the ingredients and price. At Petco or PetSmart I have been able to find products I prefer for less (took us a year to find the right food for our cat). TOTW was my kibble choice but no kibble can compare to what I see on raw now, finally haha. Even though I preferred TOTW it still made my cat sick, and she won't eat raw.

Also stool inconsistency = digestion issues = tummy issues :) good luck

You will just need to go through a process of elimination. There is a sticky that rates dog food, start there and see what's available in your area b
1 - 1 of 62 Posts
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