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I'm thinking a change of color of the site would be good. Something a bit brighter. Any body agree with me what do people think of the look. I'm of the opinion that it could look better with a slight color change. I know other forums use the same format but look better.

Also the 'todays post' might be better to be changed to recent posts so to show more posts at a time to people not logged in. Say cover a weeks post so people can catch up with whats going on rather then checking each sub menu in the forum.

A few minor changes may increase the posts a bit
Not sure if administration wants to do a color change but we can ask.

As far as your request for "recent posts" up at the top, below the log in is this header:

User CP Photo Albums FAQ Calendar New Posts Search Quick Links Log Out
If you key on New Posts it will give you all of the posts that you have not viewed. Thanks for your interest. :)

p.s. posting this from the FAQ:

Viewing New Posts or Today's Posts How can I see the latest posts?
There are two ways to quickly view recently created or updated threads.
If you are not logged in, the 'today's posts' link will show a list of all threads that have been created or updated in the last 24 hours.
If you are logged in, the 'Today's Posts' link will change to 'New Posts', which gives you a listing of all threads that have been created or updated since your last visit.
The administrator can also set up the forums so that each thread you read is marked in the database. If this option is set, then new threads (or threads with new posts) will not be marked as read until you have actually read them.
There is a built-in time limit to this, however, that will automatically mark all threads as 'read' after a set number of day, whether you really have read them or not. The default setting is 10 days, but the administrator could make this higher or lower.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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