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These are the current forum rules. You must read these before posting. Any violation of these rules can result in a suspension of your account.

By posting on this forum, you have agreed to the following rules and are doing so at your own risk. BulldogBreeds.com retains the right to delete and/or modify any postings that are part of this forum or even ban you from the site. Also, by posting on this site, you certify that you are [highlight]at least 18 years of age[/highlight]. If you have any concerns please report to the admins( bulldogadm ) and he will be happy to help.

These rules are subject to change without notice, so please check back often.

1. Please be respectful towards others in the community.
  • a. This means no "flaming". Flaming is defined as bashing, calling out, name calling, trolling, or any other rude/unnecessary behavior. There will often be a wide range of opinions on any given topic. You are not expected to agree with every suggestion offered on the site, but [highlight]you are expected to respect the opinions of other members[/highlight]. Intelligent, courteous discussion is welcome and encouraged; pointless bickering is not permitted. If you disagree with posted information, post your alternative suggestion and let the matter drop. Members who cannot adhere to this will be in violation of the forum rules. It doesn't take a whole lot of effort to be civil, and we expect that out of each and every member of the site. If someone tries to bait you into an argument, be the bigger person and find another thread to read and/or contribute to.
    b.We are all adults here. However, some members browse the forum with their children, who are of reading age. Please refrain from using profanity in your posts. Certain words will be censored.
    c. When posting something controversial/offensive please post a warning in the title.
    d. Treat others how you would want to be treated.
    e. Avoid references to illegal/immoral activity, hate speech, drug use, etc.
    f. Do not attack a moderator for doing his/her job (e.g., locking threads, issueing warnings, deleting posts). If you disagree with a mod, send a private message to the forum admin (bulldogadm) with a link to the post(s) in question.
    g. Any personal discussions should be done via Private Messaging. Private messages are to remain private, do NOT post them on the forum. If you are having issues via PM, such as harassment, please forward the PM to one of the admins.
2. No offensive/obscene/stolen photos.
  • a. Stealing of photos will not be tolerated and action will be taken against you.
    b. Offensive/obscene photos can be deleted by mods/admin without prior notification. The definition of offensive/obscene is up to the discretion of the moderation team.
3. Multiple/fake accounts will not be tolerated.
  • a. making multiple accounts to mess with other members will not be put up with.
    b. Making fake accounts with the intentions of being dishonest will also not be tolerated. Making a second account after a suspension/ban will result in a permanent ban from the site.
4. Please do a search before posting a question. Many of the same questions come up over and over and over. Repeatedly posting the same topic/question over and over will result in a disciplinary action. We welcome discussions, but please keep all of your similar topics in ONE post. Also, please use the stickies as a resource. They are located in sub-forums under each topic. When running a search, use the google search feature, or 1-2 keywords instead of phrases. Common words(a, an, the) are excluded from search results.

5. Spamming/advertising on the board without prior permission from board administration will be dealt with accordingly. Posts to this forum may not be used to blatantly promote competing forums/websites.
  • a. No litter announcements or photos of litters are allowed -- even if they are not for sale. Special exceptions may be made for fostered litters being adopted out (provide a link to the shelter you work through). This also includes links to kennels/breeder's websites. You may not put a link to your kennel in your signature, on your photos, or in your profile. If caught doing so, the link will be removed and you will be warned. The second time, you will be banned. This also includes photos of PAST litters.
    b. If you would like to list a litter for sale, stud service, etc. then please use our Breeders Directory instead of this forum. Any such messages posted to this forum are in violation of the terms of use and WILL be deleted. Furthermore, the user's account will be removed.
    c. Collecting email addresses from this forum for the purpose of sending unsolicited emails is cause for suspension.
6. Do not request for your posts/account to be deleted. By posting on this site, you have willingly put your information on the Internet and will have to deal with the consequences that come along with that.

7. You can request at any time for a topic of yours to be locked if you feel its necessary and the admins/mods agree.

8. DO NOT bring other drama/issues from outside places on to this forum to cause problems. Keep it where it originated please! Also, there is no room on this site for drama among the members or between the members and the staff. If you have an issue with a member, please discuss it in private (via the private messaging system) with one of the moderators or admin. If you have an issue with a moderator, please discuss it with bulldogadm or Hausmommy via PM. Any thread in violation of this rule will be locked. Any subsequent threads started regarding the same topic will be locked. Repeat violations will result in a suspension.

9. ALWAYS consult your veterinarian about medical issues, this forum is to help but we are not vets and do not claim to be. We will not be held responsible for any poor advice you may take, remember you are here at your own risk. The owners of this forum make no warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of the contents of this site. The owners and workers of this site are not liable or responsible for damages caused by any advice, suggestions, or information found on this site. If you do not wish to be bound by all of the terms and policies of this site, please do not use or visit any of the pages of this site.

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Thread Closures and Moves

Hi everyone,

Now that we've made this update to our site, this is something new I would like to implement.

- threads that are now closed will be moved to a private area not viewable by the community;

- us squints will discuss whether or not the thread should be cleaned up (i.e. posts edited or removed) before reopening the thread

- if we decide not to reopen the thread, you will not see it again;

Why do we close threads:

- discussions has veered off topic or is going in circles
- personal attacks (which could lead to users being reprimanded)
- questionable material

Why do we move threads:

- created in wrong area of the forums

If you have comments, feedback or questions, feel free to send me a PM.

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