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Found Dog

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Here is the picture of a dog that I found. This is the second time I have caught her!!! Makes me so mad.

The last time I found her I drove around for a while trying to find anybody that knew where she belonged. I seen a woman driving really slow, and sure enough it was her mom!!! I just don't know what to do now. She could be hit by a car or anything!!! I don't want her to go to the pound because it is a kill shelter, not only that she may catch something :( . I don't want to keep her. Let me know your opinion.
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Keep her, keep her! Just kidding. She is a cutie and I am talking with you about her on chat, so I'll give you my opinion there! :wink: :lol:
take the pics you took of her and post at the shelter and on the street around where you saw her mom last time ! :wink: this should work and let her mom know next time you find her your reporting her to the shelter ! and then kick her right in the shit :wink: :oops:
Sorry, but I gotta agree with Alpha! If the owner cares about her, she will be understanding! Sorry but you gotta do what is best for the dog not her as you stated she could have been hit by a car or worst! Good job on helping her out I applaude you! =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>
Awwww, thanks!!! :D I think thats what I will do. Find her mom again and threaten with the pound. Maybe she will fix however she is getting out. Not only all the scares of being hit by a car and all that, she is a FEMALE!!!! Do we need anymore mixes???? :roll: People drive me crazy!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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