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Free Hampster!

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Nah, its just a pile of Orson hair! :lol: And that is just after 10 minutes of brushing!! :?
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LMAO That reminds me of the Dustballs from the PSP commercials!! The one's with the Mexican accents. LOL :lol:

Here's a little video of them:
hahaa, it looks like straw!!!

hahaa, it looks like straw!!!
And it feels like it too. He's going thru a bad hair month, just got him
on anti-biotics for the bumps on his back and his thinning hair.
LMAO That reminds me of the Dustballs from the PSP commercials

come brush my golden retriever mix and akit mix...thats some major hair!
:D You should see what comes off Misha! She's a chow/husky mix. It's INSANE!

Funny pics, though! :lol:
When i brushed him, it looked like it was raining dog hair!
I expect that much from a longer hair dog, like akitas and chows...
I thought about making a sweater from my sheepdog's brushings :lol:
Hee hee... when I brush Loki it looks like it SNOWED in the backyard! And that's year-round!

You just get used to it... I don't know if I'll ever NOT be picking white hairs off of my clothes/car/dinner....
Hey my step-daughter wants a hampster. When she gets home from school I am going to tell her that a friend of mine is giving one away and she if she is interested!! LMAO
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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