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Front foot limping

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Came home from lunch today and Atticus was limping BADLY on what appears to be his front right leg. Vet can't see him till Thursday, said I can only give him Baby Aspirin. I wonder what it could possibly be. He let me molest both front legs and wander about his pads and paws without even letting a whimper out, just stared at me with those big "I love you" eyes. I'm wondering if he could have sprained his leg sliding around on the linoleum we have in the kitchen.

Do dogs have ACL's in their front legs?
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Our GSDs both got Pano...wonder if it could be that? However, it hurts when you squeeze their leg, and you stated it doesn't hurt when you manipulate your dogs' leg...
Our youngest was really miserable and we finally gave him a Vicoden. I suppose Tramadol could be used if it is the same thing, but I'd ask your vet first ;)
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