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frothing at the...nose

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Ok kind of a weird question I guess, does anynes else's pup froth at the nose?
Bella is a cold dry nose dog, not a wet nose dog, which according to the vet is fine. But when we have a big walk, or if she over exerts herself in any way, she froths around her nostrils, just a little. She has always done it from 6weeks old. Has anyone seen this before?
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nope, sorry...

i'm sure it's nothing to worry about, but i'm no expert
On occasion, I have seen some froth around Philo's nose. It seems to be related to really cold weather....we attributed it to human noses running more when you are outdoors and cold??

At first I was a bit taken a back and thought she might be dehydrated, because it has also happened when she has been running around. We usually give her some water and it disappears.
Oh yeah, Tia froths round her nose. It's always when we're out in the cold. Nothing to worry about.......I hope! :?
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